Republic Day 2024: 'Nari Shakti' rules, Ram Lalla tableau, fly-past stand out (2024)

India witnessed a spectacular display of military might and vibrant cultural tapestry today as it celebrates its 75th Republic Day with a grand parade on Kartavya Path in the heart of the national capital. With a theme of 'Nari Shakti', the celebration was graced by French President Emmanuel Macron as the chief guest.

Republic Day 2024: 'Nari Shakti' rules, Ram Lalla tableau, fly-past stand out (1)

Republic Day parade: ‘Nari Shakti’ took center stage, while Uttar Pradesh's Ram Mandir-themed tableau and the Air Force fly-past were crowd favourites. (Picture: X/Chopsyturvey)

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New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 26, 2024 19:29 IST

Written By: Devika Bhattacharya

India marked a historic milestone with its 75th Republic Day celebrations today, January 26, 2024. The nation's capital hosted a grand parade at Kartavya Path, showcasing India's military prowess and cultural diversity, with a special emphasis on Nari Shakti or women's empowerment.

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French President Emmanuel Macron, the chief guest, joined Indian President Droupadi Murmu in leading the festivities.

Here's all you need to know about India's 75th Republic Day celebrations:

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    For the first time, an all-women tri-services contingent participated in the parade. Fifteen women pilots were part of the Indian Air Force's fly-past. The contingents of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) also consisted of only women personnel.

    #WATCH | The all-women Tri-Services contingent comprising Agniveers and regular recruits proudly marches down the Kartavya Path on #RepublicDay2024

    This is the first time an all Tri-Services women soldiers contingent is marching on Kartavya Path— ANI (@ANI) January 26, 2024

    In another historic first, Lieutenants Deepti Rana and Priyanka Sevda, who are among 10 women officers commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery for the first time last year, led the 'Swathi' weapon locating radar and Pinaka rocket system at the parade on Kartavya Path.

  • The parade was heralded by over 100 women artistes playing Indian musical instruments such as Sankh, Naadswaram, and Nagada for the first time instead of the traditional military bands.

    #WATCH | Delhi | #RepublicDay2024 parade at Kartavya Path begins with 'Aavahan'.

    For the first time ever, the parade is being heralded by over 100 women artists playing Indian musical instruments. The parade is commencing with the music of Sankh, Naadswaram, Nagada, etc. beingâ€æ— ANI (@ANI) January 26, 2024

  • India's armed forces exhibited indigenous military hardware, including missiles, drone jammers, surveillance systems, vehicle-mounted mortars, and BMP-II infantry combat vehicles.

  • The ceremony began with Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying homage at the National War Memorial. President Murmu, accompanied by President Macron, then took the salute at the parade, which began at 10:30 am.

  • A combined band and marching contingent of the French Armed Forces joined the parade, reflecting the strong bilateral ties between India and France.

    #WATCH | The French Foreign Legion music band consisting of 30 musicians and the French marching contingent from the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion on Karvatya Path on 75th Republic Day

    Above them are two Rafale fighter jets on Kartavya Path— ANI (@ANI) January 26, 2024

  • Sixteen tableaux from various states and Union territories, along with nine from central ministries and departments, rolled down Kartavya Path, depicting India's rich cultural tapestry. These tableaux will also highlight the theme of "women empowerment".

    Notably, the newly consecrated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya featured prominently in Uttar Pradesh's tableau.

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    The climax of the festivities was a thrilling fly-past over Kartavya Path featuring 54 aircraft, including three from the French Air and Space Force.

    The pilots kicked off with the 'Prachand' formation, led by one LCH alongside two Apache Helicopters and Two ALH Mk-IV flying in a striking 'Arrow Formation.'

    #WATCH | Six Rafale aircraft fly over Kartavya Path in 'Marut' formation during #RepublicDay2024 celebrations.— ANI (@ANI) January 26, 2024

    The 'Tangail' formation, led by a Dakota aircraft followed by two Dornier aircraft, presented a graceful flyover. The pinnacle of the event was the 'Vajraang' formation, featuring six Rafale aircraft in the impressive 'Marut' formation.

    #WATCH | The Tangail formation comprising one Dakota aircraft in lead with two Dornier aircraft in echelon fly over Kartavya Path in 'Vic' formation.

    Specially recorded aerial visuals.#RepublicDay2024— ANI (@ANI) January 26, 2024

  • Over 70,000 security personnel have been deployed throughout New Delhi to ensure the safety of the event. Traffic advisories and restrictions are in place to facilitate smooth vehicular movement during the celebrations.

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  • It is estimated that around 77,000 spectators witnessed the parade at Kartavya Path, with stringent security protocols, including commando deployments and anti-sabotage checks, ensuring their safety.

  • President Murmu and her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron arrived at Kartavya Path in the 'traditional buggy', a practice that made a comeback after a gap of 40 years.

    VIDEO | President Droupadi Murmu, along with chief guest French President Emmanuel Macron arrive at the Kartavya Path.#RepublicDay2024 #RepublicDayIndia— Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) January 26, 2024

Published By:

Devika Bhattacharya

Published On:

Jan 26, 2024

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Republic Day 2024: 'Nari Shakti' rules, Ram Lalla tableau, fly-past stand out (2024)


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