20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (2024)

A restaurant bucket list is a must-have item for all of us. If you haven’t crafted one, just use ours. (We won’t mind, really). Our choices range from fine dining spots to BBQ joints, pizza joints, and others. You’ll find something that suits you.

The following are 20 fantastic restaurants in Davis, CA, and they’re arguably the best in the city. Don’t believe us? Well, you should try them all — you can thank us later.


$$ | (530) 750-2400 | WEBSITE

Crepeville should be your ideal breakfast restaurant in Davis. It serves delicious crepes, burgers, soups, sandwiches, salads, and mouth-watering pasta that will satisfy your cravings.

Also, Crepeville serves popular fruit-infused drinks that provide a healthy alternative to soda and other carbonated drinks. It’s located minutes away from UC Davis. Visit it today for the great specials at a fair price.


$$$ | (530) 758-8646 | WEBSITE

Paesanos is the most affordable upscale restaurant in Davis. From the front of the joint to the back, their passion and service are visible from all sides. The Italian restaurant serves gourmet pizzas, pasta, and fine wine.

Every dish is handcrafted to provide an authentic Italian taste you will love. The spot has a cozy area with dimmed lights where you can relax with friends and family members.

Paesanos is a fantastic restaurant for a memorable romantic date or family dinner.

Burgers & Brew

$$ | (530) 750-3600 | WEBSITE

This spot rocks for adults and the college crowd, alike.

Burger & Brew has a big house at the corner with outdoor covered seats. It gets crowded with an energetic vibe, particularly at lunch.

For lunch, you need to place an order at the counter, grab your co*cktail and find a seat. The meal is served quickly.

We visited the joint, ordered a spicy guac burger, and it was exceptional! They serve different types of fries or onion rings, too.

Overall, the meal was fantastic, the services fast, and we had a memorable time enjoying the energetic vibe of this joint.

The Mustard Seed

$$$ | (530) 758-5750 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (1)

The Mustard Seed provides the most memorable dining experience in Davis. From succulent steaks, seasonal specialties, and featuring California wines, it tailors a special menu that adds a unique taste to local favors.

Whether you’re dining out or celebrating a special occasion, The Mustard Seed offers excellent value and experiences for you every time.

They serve delicious, elegant, and unpretentious California cuisine at a reasonable price. Their wines list has tasting notes for the most discerning wine drinkers.

You can make fantastic wine selections to enjoy along with their cuisine in a welcoming and cozy environment.

Osteria Fasulo

$$ | (530) 758-1324 | WEBSITE

Osteria Fasulo serves imaginative selections of contemporary and authentic Italian dishes that change and complement America’s four seasons.

Fasulo’s meals are prepared using the freshest and finest ingredients from contemporary to traditional Italian recipes. Its mission is to offer the highest quality of Italian services and food at an affordable price.

Taqueria Guadalajara Grill

$$ | (530) 297-4000 | WEBSITE

Visit one of the two convenient spots for the most fantastic Mexican restaurants around. They serve an exceptional menu full of traditional Mexican-American meals. Challenge yourself and try a spicy or flavorful meal on their menu.

From Mexican-style nachos to tasty mojarra (fish), every meal has a Mexican taste that will leave your taste buds asking for more. They also serve popular margaritas and other amazing Mexican drinks to chase down the meal.

Sam’s Mediterranean Cuisine

$$ | (530) 758-2855 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (2)

Sam’s Mediterranean Cuisine is the best restaurant to try out some foreign meals at an affordable price. The Mediterranean is popular for having delicious Gyro and lamb meals, and this spot isn’t an exception.

Sam’s uses the freshest and finest ingredients to prepare their dishes. Apart from excellent services and a good meal, they have great outdoor seating where you can enjoy a delicious dish.

Woodstock’s Pizza Davis

$$ | (530) 757-2525 | WEBSITE

Undoubtedly, Woodstock’s Pizza Davis offers the best pizza in the city. It provides topping selections, meals, and funfairs, too.

Whether you’re visiting for the pizza or a weekly event (Trivia Nights, Bingo, Live Music, etc.), you’ll be in a family-friendly spot.

Every day is an amazing day to visit Woodstock’s Pizza and enjoy tasty grub and some good company.

It’s popular for continuous community involvement throughout the years. From special to local charity events, Woodstock’s Pizza has continued to offer community support throughout the years.


$$ | (530) 213-3377 | WEBSITE

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Musette is popular for serving vegan meat. You require a minimum of 24-hours advance notice to order this dish. The friendly, talented chefs prepare salads that feature house-made dressings and seasonal vegetables.

Their menu changes frequently and is accessible on their site ordering platform. Visit Musette for comfort food side plates and signature curved meats.

Lamppost Pizza

$ | (530) 758-1111 | WEBSITE

Lamppost Pizza Davis CA is the ideal place for you and your buddies to enjoy a game and cheer on your favorite team. Visit Lamppost for great food, live sports, and draft beer specials.

The spot subscribes to the best networks so that you can catch your favorite baseball, basketball, hockey game, soccer, and more.

Its dining room features seven big TVs screens, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer, fresh pizza, and your favorite match.

Symposium Restaurant & Pizza

$$ | (530) 756-3850 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (3)

Symposium Restaurant & Pizza is dedicated to serving you a great meal. Remarkably, this spot had served former Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bill Clinton. That is an indication of how delicious their meals are!

They’ve operated in Davis’ same location for over 30 years, preparing delicious Greek classics such as Lamb Chops, Moussaka, Souvlaki, and others.

They serve the best pizzas in Davis, too. Contact Symposium Restaurant & Pizza if you’ve got a special event that needs formal catering. Make a visit today for delicious meals prepared by professionals.

El Toro Bravo

$$ | (530) 750-2500 | WEBSITE

El Toro Bravo has been welcoming guests since 2005 in one of Davis’s most fantastic dining experiences. They’ve maintained their charm and warmth by offering excellent Southwest Mexican dishes friendly services.

The dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients from the local markets. You won’t find vinegar or lard being used here. They insist on cooking with canola and olive oil because they’re more flavorful and healthier.

Tasty Kitchen

$$ | (530) 753-7007 | WEBSITE

Tasty Kitchen is a Cantonese-style spot that specializes in both Americanized and authentic Chinese food. Their delicious meals are prepared by highly experienced chefs who use the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Tasty Kitchen serves farm-fresh, pocket-friendly dishes in an eclectic atmosphere. Head to Tasty Kitchen for Carry-out, Dine-in, or place an order for delivery any day.

Preethi Indian Cuisine

$$ | (530) 759-2040 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (4)

Preethi Italian is a family-owned spot with over 26 years of experience preparing authentic, southern, and northern meals.

They offer daily lunch and dinner full of homemade regional cuisines reflecting each area’s authentic flavors and spices. They pride themselves in every drink, dish, dessert, and dosa prepared using organic, homemade ingredients.

Thai Nakorn

$$ | (530) 758-7775 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (5)

Thai Nakorn is a family-owned and operated spot and is a popular dinner destination. It’s the quietest of all the Thai options around.

There’s white glass, silverware setting on the tables, and has quick services. The owner is on hand to wait for you and help with questions.

Head there and check their diverse menu of salad, curries, and other Thai dishes. Thai Nakorn prides itself in serving delicious Thai dishes that make you imagine you’re enjoying the meal halfway across the world.

Choose from a bevy of chicken, beef, and vegetarian meals that won’t disappoint you.

While dining, Thai Nakorn often offers customers tasty Thai ice tea. Their dishes are affordable, so be assured that you won’t spend much on a delicious Thai meal.

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen

$$ | (530) 758-4333 | WEBSITE

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis remains one of the most popular drink and food joints around.

They serve country-style Thai dishes with unique California flairs, infusing sweet-spicy philosophies of authentic Southeast-Asian cooking with flavorful, flair ingredients.

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen has won the “Yolo County’s Best Thai Food” honor for 15 years continuously from 2002 to 2016.

Moreover, it has received other accolades from Sacramento Magazine, Solano Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Sacramento News & Review. Sophia’s doesn’t take reservations. Therefore, ensure you come out earlier to beat the queue!

Three Ladies Cafe

$$ | (530) 302-3434 | WEBSITE

We visited Three ladies Café for its delicious vegan fish. They prepare the meal using local and organic ingredients.

The other menus include smoothie bowls, sandwiches, savory bowls, and other vegan options. Their services are quick, and all dishes are affordable, too.Overall, the dish was fantastic, we enjoyed it!


$$ | (530) 758-3599 | WEBSITE

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Chiptole is one of the best Mexican fast-food joints in America. It operates outlets across America and several overseas.

Its setting is an assembly line styled where customers can customize their orders of burrito bowls, tacos and request no sour cream or cheese.

You can request savory sofritas fillings that are prepared from soy protein. Their beans, guacamole, and rice are vegan. It recently added a pre-configured vegan dish that includes the sofritas and filings like guacamole.

Pho King 4

$ | (530) 589-8888 | WEBSITE

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (6)

Pho King 4 is a family-owned restaurant that serves mouth-watering Vietnamese meals. Their dishes are prepared with passion and ingenuity, inspired by the fantastic flavors of Vietnamese.

Pho King 4 prides in improving upon your best Vietnamese meals in traditional and new ways.

They handpick the freshest and finest ingredients from the local markets. Visit Pho King 4 and experience the best Vietnamese dishes at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

While we’ve only managed 20 here, there’re so many restaurants you don’t want to miss.

Davis is a small town with a big appetite, and we know there is something to satisfy everyone. Ensure you check out all the best delicious meals that Davis offers.

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (7)

20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (8)

Charlie Hammond

Charlie Hammond has worked as a food and recipe blog writer for years. At Birch Restaurant, he works on finding and writing the best side dishes you can try! When he’s not working, he loves going to the beach, trying seafood dishes, and finding good places to eat.

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20 Best Restaurants in Davis, CA [2023 Updated] (2024)


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